Sunday, 19 August 2012

How To Prepare For CMA SLP Year 2

I have received several emails as well as a forum question on how to prepare for Year 2 of the CMA Strategic Leadership Program (SLP). Looks like this is something that quite a few people are wondering about so I put together this post to share my view on how to prepare for Year 2 of the CMA SLP program: 

I would be one of those to tell you 'enjoy your summer and when Year 2 of the CMA SLP program starts, you will review and refresh yourself on anything that you feel you may have forgotten and catch up on things you may not know'.
But if I were really set on reviewing things during the summer this is what I would do:

  • I would review all the various case components (situational analysis, NPV, recommendations, action plan, situational analysis, SWOT, etc.) as well as quantitative methods like payback period, IRR, variances and general concepts like the value chain and balanced scorecard. I wouldn't study these in depth, rather I would just review these before the start of year 2 to make sure that I remember and understand what these are and how to approach them properly.
  • I would get myself comfortable with powerpoint (creating slides, visuals, graphs, links, etc.) for all the presentations that you will be doing in year
  • I would also get comfortable with excel for all the quants you will be doing. The quants in year 2 are more detailed and lengthy and being comfortable with excel could help you streamline these quants.
  • I would practice presenting and speaking in front of a crowd as you will be doing a lot of that.



  1. Any tip on how to prepare for the August 2012 Case Exam? Will it be a non-profit case? How should we approach it? Also what calculation method should we be careful with?

    1. I do not know what case you will get (you will have to wait to find out until the backgrounder comes out). Check out my CMA Case Exam posts to get an idea of how I think a case exam should be approached.

  2. Hello! I would like to update my resume now that I passed the case you have any ideas to do this that are concise? I thought of just putting 'CMA Candidate' and hoping that would imply I passed the case exam. Any ideas would be helpful.

    Thank you.

  3. Hi, what I did was to include that i was a cma candidate, as well as note the estimated completion date (same as what i did when applying for work while still a university student).

    I wrote a post about this a while back:


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